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Foundry Arms Curry Night 03.02.23


(Gf) Beef Madras  -  £9.95

 (Gf) Prawn Jalfrezi -  £9.95

(Gf) Chicken Korma  -  £9.95

(Gf,V,Veg) Cauliflower and red pepper curry  -  £8.95


Side Dishes

(Gf,V,Veg) Sag aloo (spinach and potato)  -  £3.50

(Gf,V,Veg) Aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower)  -  £3.50

(Gf,V,Veg) Onion bhaji  -  £3.50

(Gf,V,Veg) Basmati rice  -  £2.50

(Gf,V,Veg) Pilau rice - £2.50

(V,Veg) Clay oven hand stretched plain naan bread  -  £1.75

(V,Veg) Clay oven hand stretched garlic and coriander naan bread  -  £1.75

(V,Veg) Clay oven hand stretched spicy naan bread  -  £1.75

(Gf,V,Veg) Garlic and coriander naan bread  -  £2.00

(Gf available,V,Veg) Poppadoms  -  £1.00 each

Poppadom dips – (Gf,V) Mango chutney, (Gf,V) Cucumber mint and yogurt raita,

 (Gf,V,Veg) Indian onion salad  £1.50 each

(Gf,V,Veg) Chunky chips or skinny fries  -  £2.50

Please tell your server if you have a dietary requirement

(V) = Vegetarian,  (Veg) = Vegan,  (Gf) = Gluten free

Allergen advice

If you have any allergen intolerances, please notify a member of staff who will advise you of any allergens in our dishes.

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